She Laughs Without Fear: Releasing Anxiety by Dwelling on the Psalms

Week 1 | Too Blessed To Be Stressed (Psalm 103)

Why did God inspire a Psalm that tells us to forget not all His benefits? The answer gets at the core of who God is and the reason He created us. God delights to be our God--He wants to be our Benefactor (Isa. 64:4). When we remember who God is and what He is doing on behalf of those who call upon Him, we will remain in peace. But when we forget, we fall into anxiety. This Psalm will prepare us for the following five weeks by leading us: (1) to see God as our great Benefactor, (2) to call upon God, and (3) to equip us to walk with trust and joy as we wait for God to work wonders on our behalf.

Week 2 | Living In a World Gone Mad (Psalm 2)

The pillars of society are being shaken around us, creating the perfect storm for confusion. People are confused concerning our origins, gender, marriage, and what it even means to be human. In Psalm 2, we will take hold of powerful truths that will awaken and sustain our hope, courage, and joy as we walk through this fallen world to the City of God.

Week 3 | Malicious People Coming Against Me (Psalm 18)

A bullying culture has continued to emerge in our workplaces, online, and schools--leading to increased rates of stress. Many of the Psalms record David calling out to God to be his Benefactor by delivering David from his enemies. In Psalm 18, David looks back over his life and is able to see the whole picture. When it was all said and done, David could see that God had delivered David from all his enemies. Through this Psalm, God teaches us how to walk victoriously through seasons when malicious people come against us.

Week 4 | I Want More! (Psalm 73)

People have always compared themselves with others, but social media has exacerbated this problem. Research is showing that scrolling through social media often makes people feel worse about themselves. And researchers say it is because we envy other people’s lives as we interpret everyone else as being happy, while we are struggling. Psalm 73 is a literary masterpiece. The psalmist begins with the confident assertion that God is good to His people. But then the author’s mind begins spiraling down into covetous thoughts, which eventually results in disorientation. From this dark place, the Holy Spirit begins reorienting the psalmist’s mind step by step. As a result, we will learn how to protect our joy by putting off anxiety that stems from covetousness.

God is doing a supernatural work in our day by creating a people who are zealous for good works (Titus 2:14). This is evident in the lives of women who are devoting themselves to helping their husbands, raising children, adopting and fostering, making an impact for Christ in different fields of work, and serving others through various ministries. While women are grateful for the good works God has set before them, many are also feeling overwhelmed, tired, and stressed out. So let’s learn how to replace anxiety over the work of our hands with peace and spiritual vitality.

Week 5 | Stressed Out About The Work of My Hands (Psalm 127)

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Technology has transformed our work and home life. Instead of clocking out at the end of a work day, it's now possible to physically leave the office and then sign back on at home. Many women are experiencing anxiety from always “being on” as their work and social media notifications ring throughout the night. Psalm 119 leads women to clear the clutter from our minds by refocusing ourselves on the Word of God. Psalm 119:165 says, “Those who love your law have great peace.”

Week 6 | I Need to Simplify My Life (Psalm 119)

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