Why do we long for grand and glorious things like love, beauty, power, knowledge, security, and fame? Because these things describe God who is glorious. And he made us in his image to know him and be like him in a human way. 

We want to awaken you to the wonder of God by focusing your eyes on his great and good character traits revealed in Scripture. We want to teach you how to be like David in the Bible who knew God's character and called upon God to be his God on the street level of life. And we want to help you to begin wrapping your mind around God's profound design for you. 

When God made all things, he decided to make a creature similar to himself--humanity! God designed you to know him and live like him in a human way. This should take your breath away as it does the author of Genesis 1:27. Living in view of God's glory and his splendor stamped on you changes everything. 

When the eyes of our hearts are opened to see God and live in wonder of Him, the hunger in our hearts for greatness and goodness is satisfied through a dynamic relationship with Him. Becoming women who see God's splendor stamped on every man, woman, and child revolutionizes the way we view ourselves and others. And understanding how we are designed to be like God imparts thrilling purpose into all seasons of our lives. We want to help you grow into these rich benefits more and more each day.