A Joyful and Holy Indifference to this World: Setting our eyes on the great salvation about to be revealed will created a joyful indifference to this world and ignited enthusiasm to live more fully for Jesus now.

Dreaming Bigger Dreams: God will shake us out of complacency, discouragement, and anxiety when we set our minds on the coming King (the ultimate relationship), the dynasty He is creating through Jesus Christ (a royal family), the City of God (an all-glorious home), ruling and reigning with Christ (a stunning kingdom purpose).

Taking the Grand Adventure of Life: We begin the “new life” adventure and experience it in stunning ways when we trust and obey God’s Word each day. The obedience of faith leads us into further gospel adventures and prepares us for the ultimate adventure coming soon.

Perseverance: Traveling through this fallen world is difficult but when we focus on the magnificent things coming soon, God will vivify our faith. He will impart inspiration to take more gospel adventures now as will realize with great joy, it is not time to
turn back.

Loyalists Crowned: All believers will enter into the joy of our King and live with Him in the glorious Age to Come. But we will also give an account for how we trusted and obeyed God in this life and be rewarded accordingly. Considering our great salvation that is about to be revealed will motivate us to replace laziness with liveliness for the Kingdom of God.

CS Lewis wisely said “If you read history you will find that the Christians who did most for the present world were precisely those who thought most of the next.” That’s what Kori is accomplishing in Age of Crowns.
— Gregg Matte, Pastor of Houston’s First Baptist Church, Author of Unstoppable Gospel
People I trust have continued to rave about Kori de Leon because she is a voice that young women should listen to – in fact, all of us. She is educating and encouraging in her writing, and inspiring in her teaching. She knows what it is like to be loved and led by our King who gives dignity and purpose in all that He does. What I like best about Kori is that she is not out to leave a mark for herself, but rather for our God.
— Jonathan “JP” Pokluda, pastor at Watermark Community Church, author of Welcome to Adulting
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De Leon, ministry leader and author, offers Christian women keen insight on understanding why they pursue what they do in life and through relationships. The author discusses kings and queens and adventures as the backdrop for her three-part primer on making the pursuit of Jesus primary.

De Leon candidly discusses how she made worldly
pursuits her passion and how they never satisfied her deepest heart’s longing. She guides women to a better biblical understanding of how Christ followers were designed for a grand adventure; how Jesus is worth waiting for; and the glorious reward Christians will be given. De Leon’s transparency and humility make her relatable to women who long for true intimacy with another yet search for it apart from their relationship with God.

Each chapter concludes with fully developed personal takeaway questions for deeper study. This text is not merely a recounting of personal events (both good and bad), but it is replete with generous portions of Scripture, which highlight the biblical principles De Leon is trying to hone in on and communicate to Christian women struggling to keep Christ pre-eminent amidst a world of temptation.
— Michele Howe
So many people today are attempting to find their identity and purpose in unhealthy places and in unhealthy ways. In her work, Age of Crowns, Kori helps us understand the desire to live for something bigger than ourselves has been placed within us by God and can only be discovered when we are rightly pursuing the Kingdom of God. This book will take you on a journey of discovering of how living for the Kingdom of God to come helps you make the most impact for the Kingdom of God now.
— Jarrett Stephens Teaching Pastor – Prestonwood Baptist Church


Adoring Christ

Beholding God's Beauty and Becoming Like Him

One of the greatest struggles for women is understanding our identity and purpose in life. Even women who have discovered their identity and purpose in Christ, may find themselves having to revisit these things as they transition into new seasons of our lives such as young adulthood, singleness, motherhood, midlife, empty nest, retirement, and more.

Adoring Christ: Beholding God's Beauty and Becoming Like Him bypasses all secondary identity and purpose statements and focuses on the most fundamental reason for our existence; namely, to be a woman made in the image of God. This book will lead you to find great joy and purpose in God's stunning design for you that can be lived out in every season of life.

Also available on Kindle.


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One way to get involved with Adoring Christ Ministries is to lead one of our Bible studies. The books Adoring Christ and Age of Crowns are written in a format that are conducive to study groups. Each chapter is followed by powerful discussion questions to help these truths come alive in your life!

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